Mott Street [Wicker Park]

Burgers for brunch! Burgers for brunch! Nothing better than hopping out of bed and shaking off a Sunday hangover with a little “Hair of the Cow.”

The Menu

Mott Street’s Asian-fusion menu is loaded with saliva-inducing trigger words like pork belly, kimchi and bone marrow. The infamous Mott Street burger is a little harder to come by – this mercurial meat mound can only be ordered during brunch, at the bar, or at a table between six and seven at night. Although there were a dozen things on this menu I would happily order, being the Baron of Beef, I have to dock some points for the burger not being available ‘round the clock.

But there’s no time like the present, and I’m presently at brunch, so I order the Mott Street burger: two beef patties topped with sweet potato “frizzles,” pickled jalepeños, hoisin aioli, miso butter, American cheese and dill pickles. Staying in the theme of breakfast, I elect to throw an egg on top just for kicks.

Maybe it was due to the current politically charged climate, but I could have sworn I saw our commander-in-chief staring back at me when this burger came out:

Mott Street Hamburger Chicago Illinois

No comments on the accompanying tiny pickle.

Rating: 3/5 Russian Dossiers

burger 3 stars

The Beef

The Mott Street burger sports two decent sized meat pucks – thicker than your average fast food patty, but still a little too thin to be easily cooked to medium rare. Although its unfortunate to see a grey cross-section shot of any burger, the flavor was solid and the sauces easily masked any potential dryness.


Rating: 3.5/5 Shades of Grey

burger 3.5 stars

The Accessories

I’d eat these toppings off a homeless man’s feet. The headgear on this burger was expertly assembled to create the perfect flavor and texture profile to compliment the beef. The umami flavor on this burger hits hard, starting with the miso butter and finishing with a perfectly runny egg. I typically avoid adding an egg, finding it a distraction from the intended flavors of the burger, but in this instance it was a perfect addition to the other sauces topping the burger. The crispy shoestring sweet potato frizzles added a great texture, while the jalapenos brought a freshness and mild heat to each bite. Sweetness from the Hoisin Aioli rounds out the burger to create a perfectly balanced flavor profile.

Rating: 6/5 Broken Rules

burger 6 stars

The Sides

A lone pickle spear is lucky to share the plate with this masterful burger. Not that I have anything against these briney batons, but a burger without fries is like Obama without Joe “Pull my Finger” Biden. The burger is the heavy, and fries are the fun-loving sidekick, there for you when you need a breather. There’s not much to say here- it’s a pickle. You’ve had one, I’ve had one, we all know what they taste like, lets move on…

Rating: 1/5 Zombie Cucumbers

burger icon small


The few negatives about the Mott Street burger – the fact that it can only be ordered on a leap year while the moon is full, and the lack of accompanying spudbuddies – are outweighed by the sheer quality of the burger itself. I found myself having a hard time arguing that this is NOT one the top three burgers I’ve had in my life. This is a perfectly polished product that the team at Mott Street built with intent using quality ingredients from top to bottom. It’s a burger built for kings and pharaohs, and I don’t need a Rosetta Stone to translate its significance.


The only reason this burger doesn’t get a perfect score is because my journey is young and I have lots of cow consumption still to go.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Quests for Perfection

burger 4.5 stars


5 thoughts on “Mott Street [Wicker Park]

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  1. Haha this is a brilliant review. I have no plans in the immediate future to go to Chicago for burgers, but if I do, I will keep your wit in mind



  2. “Two decent sized meat pucks” – A homage to not only the divine Mott street burgers, but also the 5x winning Penguins! 🙂


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